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Two Cents Per Gallon More

Big Boxes Can It It Away Because They Keep It All
What does it mean to our community...plenty. The big Box retailers on Federal Road have opened up gas stations, luring customers away from their locally owned convenience stops by offering gas prices that are generally only 2-5 cents per gallon less. But what does it cost the community, PLENTY! Dairy & Energy Stop at the intersection of Padanaram & Clapboard Ridge Rd in Danbury, is a philanthropic merchant willing to donate to local charities. Pay the 2 pennies more, he makes our community a better place to live.

It's Important To Shop Locally

If you don't, Who will?
Which 3 locally owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared? Stop in. Say Hello. Pick up something that brings a smile. Your purchase is what keeps these businesses alive. Small business owners are flexible, unlike big box stores, they are more willing to accommodate your special orders and needs. They are experts in their respective fields and have years of experience. They are problem solvers, offering you priceless advice. If half of the employed population spent $50 each month in locally owned independent businesses it would generate more than $2,600,000,000.00 in revenue. Imagine the positive impact if three quaters of the population did that!! For every $100 spent in locally owned independent businesses $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures. Spend it on line and NOTHING comes home.<br The number of people it takes to start the trend is 1…YOU!!

Affordable Android Apps For Your Business

MobiQuPons makes apps for local businesses
Finally an affordable mobile solution for your business. Whether you own a restaurant, a health club, have a law practice we will custom code, design and publish an Android app for you. The total investment, $595. We are a leader in digital solutions for local businesses. This offer is thousands of dollars lower than any other comparable service. Contact Steven at 203-948-0404 to explore solutions for your business.

What Wonderful Service

Shoe Service Plus
I brought my watchband into Shoe Service Plus on Stony Hill Rd in Bethel to be stitched. "I can take care of that...come back in 15 minutes." "Can I get a shoe shine while I wait?" "Have a seat." While I was waiting, customers came in to retrieve their shoes, boot, handbags. What I was amazed by, was every single customer was grateful and shocked by the quality of their work. The most common response was "Wow! They look better than new"Me? My watch strap repair and my shoe shine fabulous $8

Fabulous Over Stuffed Sandwich $4.50

C-Town offers great lunch specials
The freshly cooked roast beef in the deli case looked so good, I asked if they could make me a sandwich. "What else would you like on it?" "Some cole slaw and tomatoes." He wrapped it up and put a price sticker of $4.50, I picked it up and couldn't believe the weight. I returned to C-Town the following day for lunch and tried their jumbo shrimp salad on rye bread. Once again $4.50 and had weigh about 1/2 pound.

C-Town Catering

Alex did a great job at great price
I needed to have cold cut platters prepared to bring to a "shiva" house and I remembered seeing a flyer in the Pennysaver. I called the deli manager, Alex(?) who said no problem. Turkey, roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, potato salad, cole slaw, sours, condiments, cheeses fresh rye bread for 30. When he told me about $125, I was shocked and concerned. But the platters were beautifully arranged, all the meats & cheese were Boar's Head or store made. There was more than enough for leftovers.

We thought it was lost forever

We looked for my mother's gold bracelet everywhere she had been. Not only was it expensive, but it had tremendous sentimental value as well. We looked everywhere. It wasn't until I had my car washed at Exclusive Car Wash on North St. in Danbury was it found. While they were vacuuming the interior, they found it and placed it on the seat under some papers that were on the floor. I always take my cars to Exclusive because they do such a good job. Now I have even more of a reason, honesty!

"Open Box" Rip OFF

Best Buy Deceptive Practices
I went to Best Buy in Danbury and thought I was saving money by purchasing an "open box" Cabrio washing machine. It appeared to be new, including, new warranty and owner's manual and a box of detergent in the tub. It was delivered and set up. 5 days after delivery it stopped working. I called Westinghouse only to learn I was not the original owner. It was returned to Best Buy 45 days prior under warranty. Buyer beware. AVOID BEST BUY AND THEIR DECEPTIVE PRACTICES! It took threats to get

Gas To Keep Shoppers Buying Local

More Couponing & Fewer Trips
With the national average price of gas creeping up to $4/gal, look for already price-conscious consumers to become increasingly savvy about how they spend, particularly among the 79.3% who say their budgets have been affected by prices at the pump (rising from 70.0% in Apr-10). This month’s most popular ways to cut back include taking fewer shopping trips (45.2%), shopping closer to home (41.7%), shopping for sales more often (40.8%), using coupons more (37.5%), and opting for store brands/generics more often (34.3%). Four in five consumers (81.8%) expect gas prices to ramp up by the end of the month...15.8% think they’ll remain stable, while a mere 2.3% are optimistic for a price decrease. Drivers are expecting an average pump price of $3.99/gal at the close of April, up from their $3.83/gal forecast for the end of March.

Free "QR" Code for Your Business

Give your prospects the information they need to contact you. Proud2BuyLocal.com will create a custom QR codes for your business absolutely free. No obligation, nothing to buy. E-mail me proud2buylocal@gmail.com

You Can Tell They've Been In Business For 45 Years

Central Package understands their customer
It takes more than a good location to stay in retail for over 45 years.  You've got to understand the needs of your customer.  Johnathan does just that and more.  Selecting the proper wine to bring to a dinner party can be a daunting task.  Rather than ask how much do you want to spend, Johnathan asks the type of ocassion, the food and your tastes.  I wound up with a Cabernet from Bogle ($12) that wowed my hosts.  Central Package is in Dolan Plaza, Greenwood Ave, Bethel, CT.

I Like The Full Service Gym More

Sportsplex Is My Choice
I thought I would save some money by joining one of those $10 a month gyms. It didn't work for me. I missed the classes and the motivation they gave me to continue my new year's resolution. I needed more than weights and machines to keep me motivated. I saw a coupon for a 14 day free trial for Sportsplex in the Pennysaver so I went back to Sportplex where they offer 100's of classes each week. The other members are also more social at Sportsplex than at the other gym.

No Charge?

I was shopping at C-Town Supermarket and I hadn't even realized that I must of hit the snow bank with my CTS. When I got home my son said "dad what did you do to my dream car?" I took a look and the fog light modeling was hanging. I tried pushing it in myself but I couldn't. I drove over to M&S of Pawling Cadillac and asked them to help me out. No problem. The service guy went out to my car and with a little magic, got it back just like new. I asked, how much I owed. NO CHARGE! WOW!

Don't Throw It Out

I was about to throwout my favorite hand bag that I purchased many years ago at Mark Cross when I came across an ad for Shoe Service Plus in the Pennysaver. The headline "Don't Buy New Renew" caught my eye. So I figured I had nothing to lose. I brought my bag to Fausto and he said, I can do it, but you have to give me some time...maybe 2 weeks. I hate to use the old cliche...better than new but it is better than new. My husband thought I bought a new bag. Great workmanship.

CT's Best Root Beer
Is Free

I took my sweetheart over to Sycamore's in Bethel, you know that original 50's diner with car hop service, well anyway, we got a couple of delicious homemade burgers and got a free root beer.  I was amazed to know that Sycamore's root beer is made using an old family recipe. Now I understand why the root beer has been voted CT"s best root beer. Just use your Pennysaver coupon available on this website.
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New Smile Dental

$78 Dental Exam, Cleaning w/X-Rays

Dream Come True of Western CT

$20 USA Made Key Fob

Dream Come True of Western CT

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Gymnastics Revolution

3 Month Special, Save 50% Only $129

Bogey's Formal Wear

30% Off Custom Suits, Blazers & more

Dinette Depot

Grand Opening Sale

Christie & Company

Wash, Cut & Blow Dry $20 -$25

Kusulyn Neo-Asian Restaurant

20% Off Sun-Thursday

Jester's Coffee House

Any Sandwich, Chips + Water or Soda $5.99

Koo Fusion Asian

1/2 Off Drinks + 20% Off Dinner

Plain Jane's Restaurant

1/2 Off - Second Entree

Denny's Restaurant Danbury

Save $5.00 on $20 or 20% Off Your Check

Koo Fusion Asian

Danbury's leading Asian Fusion Restaurant wants you to come and experience our food and drink.  During Happy Hour enjoy 1/2 Priced drinks.  20% Off your check.  Offers can't be combined

Denny's Restaurant Danbury

Come to America's favorite diner and save more with your exclusive Pennysaver coupon.

Parma Restaurant

Came and enjoy the true essence of Italian food at Bethel's premiere new trattoria and save 10% on your lunch or dinner.  Portions so large you'll enjoy the leftovers tomorrow

Barbarie's Black Angus Grill & Seafood

Nothing beats dinner and a movie.  Sometimes you just want a quick bite to eat, a sandwhich, a slider, BLAT, or a turkey dip.  You'll find these and other items on our new "Pub Menu"  You
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